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What is Donna My Personal Pharmacy?
Donna My Personal Pharmacy is the first European pharmacy specializing in women's health and well-being, founded in 2022 by health experts from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. With our international network of pharmacists and collaboration with other healthcare experts, we provide the highest quality and evidence-based care to our patients. Learn more about us and our story: ABOUT US
What does Say boo to taboo mean?


Every woman experiences at least one intimate health symptom every year. Half of them do not talk about it, even with their family or friends. Given the impact that intimate health symptoms have on a woman's daily life, Dear Donna is your first step to understanding your symptoms and resolving the underlying issue in a way that feels simple and not scary.

Let’s say boo to one of the taboos today, check out our blog: My Donna.

What does Donna stand for?

We are here to help you be the best you.

It’s the imperfections that make a woman beautiful. And yet we often prefer to hide them – to hide the real us. Not anymore, Donna’s mission is to break taboos about women’s most intimate health issues and help you be the real you, be the best you.

What makes Donna different?
We are the first and only pharmacy in Europe specializing in women's health and well-being by offering various high-quality products, specialized services and solutions, and creating science-backed content in close collaboration with European healthcare experts.
I am a healthcare expert. Can we collaborate?
Yes, we are always looking for new healthcare experts who can improve and expand our services as we help women achieve better health. Get in touch here.
What are Donna payment options?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express on the Donna website. When you pay with a credit card, we ask for your name and billing address, which must match the card issuer's information.
Do you still have unanswered questions?
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